Protect your customers with multi-factor authentication

Passwordless, secure authentication and authorization

Use COVR's Multi‑Factor Authentication API to safely authenticate and onboard customers with your own customized and uniform login. Benefit from easy-to-implement passwordless account login and transaction authorization. The multi‑factor authentication (MFA) process protects your business applications, third‑party APIs and microservices completely, while at the same time giving your user a quicker and smoother experience when signing contracts, loans and other legal documents.

How it works in 2 minutes


The Multi-Factor Authentication API gives you lots of native and third‑party authentication possibilities. It allows you to add multi‑factor and two‑factor end‑user authorization into your business workflows, for instance, to access accounts and make transactions. All transactions sent to the API are digitally signed through the entire life cycle using a private key that never leaves the customer's device. You can verify all digital signatures using public keys, ensuring trust, security, and validation of the transaction. 

What our customers say

"COVR's user-friendly approach to continuous authentication makes customer onboarding very straightforward and convenient."
Can Paul Urganci
Sales manager – Aexus Europe
COVR Multifactor Authentication API Testimonial logo Aexus

Why use the Multi-Factor Authentication API

Passwordless login

Offer your customers user‑friendly and secure authentication with 6‑digit PIN codes and QR codes, instead of inconvenient passwords.

Multi-layer security

Protect your customers from all types of fraud with multi‑layer security. Authorize transactions with out‑of‑band technology and asymmetric public key encryption (PKI cryptography).

Improved customer experience

Save your users time and frustration with a user‑friendly interface, and a smooth and real‑time authentication process.


Pay as you go Advertised Retail Price*
Authentication € 0,017 / authentication
Authorization € 0,07 / authorization

* Enterprise pricing on request.

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