Verify the identity of any person instantly

Simple, fast and reliable validation of ID document and owner

The CheckedID API by JanusID instantly verifies the identity of any person at any location. All you need is an ID document and a smartphone with internet connection. The CheckedID app uses reliable document and holder capturing software to verify the identity of your customer or employee. It is highly secure; a closed process prevents leakage of sensitive data and the app leaves no trace on the device. You determine exactly how the verification is done and what data you receive. Ideal for organizations that need immediate certainty with whom they are dealing in a secure and GDPR compliant way!

How it works in 1 minute


What our customers say

“We are a top 3 payroller in the Netherlands and CheckedID enables us to reliably and easily establish the identity of our payroll employees, in conformity with the strictest privacy regulations.”
Klaas Huijgen
IT manager – Timing

Why use the CheckedID API

Run a KYC check

In a typical Know Your Customer (KYC) scenario, a customer resides at a distance. In this case, send an e‑mail with a QR code to your customer with the CheckedID app. The customer scans the code with the app and the verification outcome is sent securely back to you.

Onboard an employee

Check a new employees identity, either face‑to‑face or at a distance. In the first case the recruiter executes the CheckedID app as a registered user. In the second case the employee executes the app by scanning a one‑time QR code.

Verify renter identity

When renting out a home or car, use the CheckedID app to establish the identity of the prospective renter at a distance. An e‑mail with a QR code is sent, which the renter scans with the app. The verification outcome is sent securely back to you.


  Volume pricing*

No. of verifications

0 - 149

150 - 399

400 - 799

≥ 800***

One-off setup fee € 495 € 495 € 495 € 495
Monthly service fee - main account** € 41,25 € 41,25 € 41,25 € 41,25
Per verification of ID document € 3,95 € 3,70 € 3,45 € 3,20
Per verification of ID document and holder € 4,95 € 4,70 € 4,45 € 4,20

* All prices are excl. VAT.

** Extra accounts are possible for € 20 / month.

*** Pricing for larger volumes (enterprise) on request.

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