Analyze and predict vehicle trouble

Gain personal and real‑time car maintenance information

Easily reach Connected Car customers by making use of car maintenance and diagnostics data in your application. This API gives your customers information about what is wrong with their car. View the historical and current car maintenance status based on OBD2 dongle data. Get a list of DTC failure codes, send out targeted road‑side assistance, or predict future maintenance based on real‑time data. The Car Maintenance API can enrich your service, give you access to a new customer base and can increase customer engagement. 

How it works

The API handles all data consent by asking your customers for confirmation every time a third party wants to access certain information. This confirmation is then stored with a timestamp. 

Why use the Car Maintenance API

Receive real-time car status

Reach out to customers at the right moment and with the right message, by making use of real-time car maintenance data. For example, you can send your customers a notification when there are problems with their battery, oil level or engine.

Act on telematic data

Make use of car diagnostic information like engine and battery status, to enrich your own innovative services and distinguish your services from others. For example, a garage business can send their customers a message when maintenance is needed.

Create new services

Analyze and present car diagnostic data, act on this data, digitalize the car maintenance experience and more. Start creating digital experiences in and around the car now.


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