Always up to date with network disturbances

The Disturbances Detector API provides the details related to all the planned and unplanned KPN network disruptions within the Netherlands. It also tells you which postal codes are affected. This API does not require input and is very easy to integrate.

This API helps you to...

Inform customers of maintenances in advance

Enhance your customer satisfaction by informing them about a planned maintenance in advance.

Reduce calls to your customer care

If you are using KPN’s network, you can inform customers about a network disturbance and in turn reduce the calls to your customer care.

Display all active disturbances

Use the active network disturbances information from KPN  to display an overview on your website.

How it works

The Disturbance Detector API connects you to KPN's network information. This gives you access to all planned maintenances and unplanned network disturbances of the KPN network and the postal codes that are impacted by it in the Netherlands.

The API does not need any additional input. The data is real-time.


Reliable and real-time

The information is real-time and comes directly from our network back-ends.

Simple to integrate

No need to give this API input. You retrieve all information with a simple API call.

Postal code information

This API gives you a complete list of network disturbances and the affected postal codes.

What it costs

For this API, we decide case by case whether access to the Disturbance Detector API is granted. Want to apply for a quote? Contact us below.

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