KPN Encrypted Short URL API

Outsmart hackers by sending secure URLs

Easy and user-friendly encrypted URLs via SMS

Did you know that sending a link (URL) via SMS can be a threat for your servers? Many URLs include customer identifiers. Hackers can easily slow down the response of your web environment or even bring the server down by just injecting a script. Overcome this threat by using the Encrypted Short URL API when sending campaigns, discounts, surveys, track & trace links and any other link via SMS. It's easy, highly secure and trustworthy thanks to our recognizable URLs.

How it works

Through the Encrypted Short URL API, you are connected to KPN’s encryption and decryption functionality and the SMS gateway.

Simply send the right input to the API: The URL, parameters such as customer or order identifiers, the text message content and the recipient’s mobile number. The URL with identifiers will be encrypted and converted into a short URL. This hides any personal identifiers from the URL. The short URL and the provided text message will be sent as SMS to the recipient.

When the recipient uses the short URL to access a page, you can retrieve the encrypted identifiers. You can use another API (the Decryption API) to obtain the decrypted customer details.

Note: This product is only available for phone numbers in the Netherlands.

Why use the Encrypted Short URL API

Plan deliveries or appointments

Send an URL to your customer to schedule a delivery or an appointment, or inform your customers about the status of their purchases. All without exposing any personal (customer ID) or predictable data such as their zip-code.

Send campaigns easily

Send campaigns safely during King's day, Black Friday, or at any other time. Campaigns have expiry times, so the URL is only valid for a certain period of time.

Customer safety

Your customer is kept safe, as customer information is never revealed in your URLs. The identifiers (e.g. customer ID, order ID) for a customer will be encrypted into a token and a short URL is sent.


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