KPN Healthcare Messenger API

Optimize workflows with messenger integrations

The Healthcare Messenger API allows healthcare professionals to communicate with their co-workers and patients. Communication is done through high-end messaging and file sharing functionalities. The API enables organizations to integrate the messenger with any other software, such as an electronic health record (EHR) system. This way, workflows of health professionals become more efficient.

This API helps you to...

Communicate from EHRs

You can make separate group chats for every single patient and make these chats available in their patient records. This way, there is no need to sign in to the messaging platform – just open the EHR and communicate from there.

Create digital waiting rooms

Allow receptionists or other staff to manage chats created based on future appointments. Enable them to use the EHR to send reminders or files with general information or have them prepare the chat for e-consultations.

Automate using chatbots

Use chatbots for basic contact with patients or have them trigger actions in the messenger or external systems and databases. They can present the user with information based on queries, send reminders to take medication or set up group chats.

How it works

Healthcare organizations or independent software vendors can use the Healthcare Messenger API to add communication services to for example existing customer relationship management (CRM) or electronic health record (EHR) software. The API manages the interaction with the KPN Zorg Messenger application to communicate with patients. This way, software can enriched without the need to invest into the development of own secure communication functionalities.

The standard (REST) API works based on calls triggered by specific actions, functioning as requests. For example, when adding a patient to your EHR system, the API can be used to automatically create a group chat about this patient’s care. The API will then return a response to your system with an ID for this group chat, so that further changes to the chat can be made using this ID. With chatbots, tedious tasks can also be automated.


Embed the messenger

The complete messaging interface can be embedded into the core system of your organization, ensuring a high acceptance rate. 

Invite users

Use integrations with other software to invite co-workers to the messenger or trigger invitations to patients.

Use real-time chatbots

Users expect communication with chatbots to be real-time. The real-time API pushes data as needed rather than waiting for a specific query.

What it costs

Per month based on 12 month contract



2.500 sent messages

5 GB storage

 € 100  

€ 0,045 per message over 2.500



10.000 sent messages

25 GB storage

 € 350  

€ 0,040 per message over 10.000



25.000 sent messages

100 GB storage

€ 812,50

€ 0,037 per message over 25.000



50.000 sent messages

250 GB storage

€ 1500  

€ 0,032 per message over 50.000

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