KPN / Mobile Connect API

Let your end-users log in with a personal PIN code

Faster, easier and more secure two-factor authentication

With the Mobile Connect API you can let your users log in quickly, easily and securely, from any device in any location. Forget about passwords or installing special software. End-users receive a single PIN code on their mobile phone for logging into all your websites and applications. This makes logging in faster, easier, and safer.

How it works in 2 minutes

Mobile Connect API usage

Secure login

Improve login security for your users by offering login by a secure and easy PIN code, received on your user’s mobile phone. The API uses standard two-factor authentication and optional secure sharing of personal data.

Get started

The API is ready for immediate use. End-users do not need to install any software and they don't have to switch between applications; only press a button in a pop-up screen on their mobile phone.

Easy and fast

Offer your users a fast, easy and strong authentication process for logging in. Your end-user does not need to remember passwords any longer. A single PIN code on their mobile device is used to log into all your websites and apps.


Pay per use


€ 0,05 per login Tailored to your organization
Unlimited logins Unlimited logins
Fixed price per login Fixed price per month
Only pay for successful logins Pay per 06-number per year
Customer support Customer support
One time € 50 connection fee One time € 50 connection fee

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