KPN Mobile Connect API

Goodbye passwords. Hello PIN code.

With the Mobile Connect API you can let your users log in quickly, easily and securely from any device. Forget about passwords or installing special software; end-users receive a single PIN code on their mobile phone for logging into all your websites and applications. This makes logging in faster, easier and safer.

This API helps you to...

Enable secure two-factor authentication

Improve login security for your users by offering login by a secure and easy PIN code, received on your user’s mobile phone.

Make logging in easier for your users

Offer your users a fast, easy and strong authentication process for logging in. Your end-user does not need to remember passwords any longer. A single PIN code is used to log in for all your websites and apps.

Give your user control

Help your end-users to easily allow or
decline authorization requests from service
providers – such as payments and
permissions – directly from their mobile phone.

How it works

The Mobile Connect API allows your users to log in with their mobile phone, without installing software.

End-users receive a single PIN code on their mobile phone that they can use to log in to all your websites and apps. They don’t have to switch between applications; only press a button in a pop-up screen on their mobile phone. A login can be done from any device (laptop, pc, tablet or smartphone).

This API also allows your users to authorize requests from a Digital Service Provider (DSP) directly from their mobile phone. Details of the request are displayed on the end-user's mobile phone. The end-user approves or rejects the request ('Yes' or 'No').

The API is available in more than 30 countries and already has more than 473 million end-users. Phone numbers and other personal information from end-users is never shared, unless the end-user explicitly gives permission.


Fast, easy and ready to use

Immediately ready for use, without installing an extra application.

Extra secure

Uses secure two-factor authentication technology.

Protects privacy

Gives your user control over what information is shared and for what purpose.

What it costs

A one-off setup fee of € 50 is charged for connecting the service.

The service costs € 0,05 per successful login/authorization.