Easily create short links from long URLs

Recognizable and reliable ga.kpn URLs

Long URLs are not as attractive and trusted as short and simple URLs. Dynamically generated links containing personal information or referral contexts are even longer, and therefore even less attractive to visit. The way your URL is constructed is very important for trustability and conversion in the current times. So in situations like these, URL shorteners come in handy. With the KPN Short URL API, you can easily create short URLs and integrate this process into your own digital workflow.

How it works

Through the Short URL API, your application is connected to KPN’s URL shortener service. Simply input your URL and it will be converted into a short URL and returned as the API response.

Why use the Short URL API

Increase your conversion rate

Short and simple looking URLs are more attractive to click on than long, complex URLs. Integrating this API is an easy way to increase your conversion rate.

Link expiration

If you want the URL to expire after a certain time period, you can customize this by telling the API your limitations for the date and time.

Recognizable and trustworthy

The Short URL API generates links containing the recognizable and trustworthy KPN brand ga.kpn. This way, your customers will know they can trust the URL.


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