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Use KPN's network to make your content available online. KPN offers its Content Delivery Network (CDN) to deliver content to your users, quickly and safely, without compromising on access or quality. It's available worldwide, at any time and on any device. With the CDN comes a set of APIs that puts you in control of various aspects of the delivery of your content. These APIs facilitate the integration of KPN's CDN services into your workflows, applications or interfaces.

How it works in 1 minute

CDN comes with 2 groups of APIs:

The first group of APIs allow you to deliver your content to your users. They help you manage and configure the following features: live video streaming, dynamic content delivery, small file delivery, large file delivery, video on demand, image optimization, DNS, web application firewall and Anti-DDoS.

The second group of APIs is for managing the content itself. These services offer a single workflow for streaming live, linear and on-demand video. You can tweak your content the way you want it through APIs with features such as slicer, studio DRM, syndication publishing, live events and multiple types of statistics.

What our customers say

KPN's Content Delivery Network APIs helped us reach record heights.
Egon Verharen
Manager R&D - NPO
We like this platform very much, even though we are not using all the features that we would like to use just yet.
Guillaume Despin
General Manager - DanceTelevision

Content Delivery Network API usage

Media & live streaming

Stream your content worldwide to a Smart TV, tablet, PC, or other devices. The CDN ensures your streams always work, even when large numbers of people are watching the same stream simultaneously.

Content adaptation

The service offers a single workflow for preparing your video content and deliver it live, linearly and on-demand over the public internet. This workflow for over‑the‑top delivery adapts video content for delivery to more than 400 devices, ranging from Apple TV, Smart to Chromecast and Smart TV.

Web acceleration

CDN guarantees best performance for your website, online store and applications, even during peak load and DDoS attacks.


Use of the Content Delivery Network API is included in your Content Delivery Network contract.

Don't have a Content Delivery Network contract yet? Check the Content Delivery Network product page for more information. 

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