KPN Wholesale / Enhanced Service Provider API

Add value for your customers in the mobile market

Wholesale mobile services from the leading Dutch provider

KPN operates a highly reliable, superior network for mobile communications. In partnering with KPN Wholesale, you can provide your customers with this same experience. As an Enhanced Service Provider (ESP), you have access to KPN’s mobile network which allows you to run telecommunications processes for your customers’ mobile connections. You can integrate with KPN's IT systems via ESP B2B interfaces (SOAP web services) to for example activate and deactivate a service for your customers on KPN’s mobile network.

Enhanced Service Provider API usage

Reliable network

Being a KPN Wholesale partner means your customers get to experience the reliability and high quality of KPN’s mobile network on a daily basis.

Integrate with your workflow

Integrate your business processes and customer journeys seamlessly with the ESP set of SOAP web services. For example, when a customer buys a subscription you can automatically have this trigger an order for a mobile subscription at KPN Wholesale.

Customized partnership

We will work with you to create the conditions under which you can provide your mobile services with added value in the market.


Use of the Enhanced Service Provider B2B interface is included in your KPN Wholesale Enhanced Service Provider contract.

Don't have a KPN Wholesale Enhanced Service Provider contract yet? Check the KPN Wholesale Enhanced Service Provider product page for more information. 

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