KPN Wholesale / Wholesale MultiPlay API

Combine high-speed internet with TV and telephone

A rich triple-play proposition

Wholesale MultiPlay (WMP) allows you to provide high-speed internet access to your customers. Combine this service with landline services (VoIP) such as TV and telephony to offer your customers the benefits of a KPN product without investing in the technology yourself. You can integrate with KPN's IT systems via WMP B2B interfaces (SOAP web services) to for example check for availability of services, activate or deactivate a service for your customers, and submit tickets in case of disruptions.

Wholesale MultiPlay API usage

Focus on your customers

You are in charge of new business development, customer service and billing, so you can keep the focus on your customers while KPN manages all the technology.

Offer a full set of services

Offer end-to-end broadband internet connections to your customers, including the required (wifi) modems. It's possible to extend this by adding (IP) telephony and TV.

Integrate in your workflow

Integrate your business processes and customer journeys seamlessly with the WMP set of SOAP web services.


Use of the Wholesale MultiPlay B2B interface is included in your KPN Wholesale MultiPlay contract.

Don't have a KPN Wholesale MultiPlay contract yet? Check the KPN Wholesale MultiPlay product page for more information. 

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