Send important documents securely via registered e‑mail

GDPR-compliant e-mail encryption and proof of delivery

The Registered E‑mail API – also called the Aangetekend Mailen API – helps your business to send important documents via e-mail in a secure and GDPR‑compliant way. It also offers enhanced proof of delivery in accordance with the strict EU 910/2014 regulation (eIDAS). No need to worry anymore about time‑consuming and costly alternative way of sending sensitive information securely to your clients. This API not only provides legal certainty but is also very efficient to use ánd easy to integrate into your existing e‑mailing process. 

How it works in 2 minutes

What our customers say

"We were operational within 1 month and since then we've been sending thousands of registered e‑mails. That means an enormous saving on postage, as well as a more customer‑friendly debt‑collection process."
Ron Muller
CEO – Alektum Nederland
"Working with the Registered E-Mail API saves us costs. Sending a registered letter costs about €8, with e-mail not even €1 per e-mail. If you consider our volumes of more than 100.000 letters, it comes down to a lot of money. It also saves us a lot of time. Now, all we do is add a digital attachment and with a single click, a file is stored in the right place."
Saida Hamdioui-el Hajaji
Team Lead Real Estate – ARAG

Why use the Registered E-mail API

Send sensitive documents securely

Data security is of utmost importance with the implementation of GDPR guidelines. Sending your sensitive documents via the ISO 27001 certified Registered E-mail API makes sure your documents can only be received and accepted by the intended recipient and nobody else.

Prove the delivery of your e‑mail

The API registers receipt and acceptance of your e‑mail in accordance with the EU 910/2014 regulation (eIDAS). It determines via and independent third party who is communicating with whom and at what time, allowing you to prove that you made every effort to send a document to a recipient.

Send documents efficiently

Printing, signing and bringing your documents to the post office is now in the past. With this API you can send important documents with just a few clicks, allowing you to save costs immediately. The API can be easily intregrated into your existing mailing processes, such as the automatic sending of invoices, deeds and insurance policies.


Package   Price
Small E-mail server, dashboard management & support € 73,50/month*
  1.000 credits € 0,49/credit
  2.500 credits € 0,46/credit
  5.000 credits € 0,42/credit
  10.000 credits € 0,39/credit
  One-off setup fee € 375
Medium E-mail server, dashboard management & support € 199/month*
  25.000 credits € 0,35/credit
  50.000 credits € 0,32/credit
  One-off setup fee € 475
Large E-mail server, dashboard management & support € 465/month*
  25.000 credits € 0,28/credit
  50.000 credits € 0,25/credit
  One-off setup fee € 650

*A minimum of 3 months applies.

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