Bring your applications to life with video

Contact your customers and employees directly from your mobile or web application with high-quality and efficient voice and video calling. No need for knowledge of complicated telecommunication protocols. With the Kandy WebRTC API you can easily integrate real-time communication fuctionality (WebRTC) with standard web programming. Ribbon delivers the technology, while you can keep focus on your customers needs.

This API helps you to...

Embed direct calling in your website

Make it easy for your customer to contact your customer service. Have them start a voice or video call directly from your e-commerce website.

Connect patients and doctors

Optimize care once people leave hospital with real-time voice and video consults between doctors and patients.

Offer training via the cloud

Extend and improve video training and talent development to a wider audience via the cloud.

How it works

Ribbon's Kandy WebRTC API allows you to rapidly build voice and video calling into your websites, mobile apps and business processes. You do not need to have knowledge of SIP or other complicated telecommunication protocols. The Kandy JavaScript software development kits enable you to use standard web programming.

WebRTC defines the methods and functions that web browsers and the Kandy SDKs use to access media capabilities in the device (e.g. microphone, camera, speakers, etc.). It captures media from the device and defines the ways media is tranferred between browsers and the Kandy SDKs.

What our customers say

“With KPN and Kandy, our customers are able to use video calling to make healthcare better and more efficient. Thanks to this, people don't have to travel to the hospital when it is not needed.”
Sander Bijl
Co-founder - BeterDichtbij



Provides end-to-end encryption of a call to ensure safe, private and secure real-time communications.

Within-application calling

No need to close your application to make a call – easily start a call from within your application.

Easy integration 

You can use our flexible software development kits (SDKs). We handle the complexity, you get a high‑quality experience. 

What it costs

The API costs € 25 per seat.

Your final costs per month equals the highest number of seats you used simultaneously in that month.

A single call uses two seats (one for each person in the call). When a call ends, the seats are put back into your inventory. Seats can be reused as many times as needed. When you start using the Kandy WebRTC API, you choose the capacity (number of seats) you want to purchase. 


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