SettleMint / CertiMint API

Notarize and validate important business data online

Indisputable and tamper-proof document recording

Use the CertiMint API by SettleMint to legally prove the existence, the integrity or the signature of any important business document via blockchain. No more need to store documents and signatures on third‑party servers for validation. CertiMint records data in the blockchain in an unalterable, private and secure way. Blockchain data cannot be changed by anyone, allowing you to prove validity of the data for decades to come.

  • Prove a document existed at a certain point in time.
  • Prove whether a document was altered since that time.
  • Prove that a particular individual signed a document.

How it works in less than a minute


What our customers say

"Bringing transparency to food chains is a critical step in restoring consumers’ declining trust in the industry. We tackled this challenge with our new 'transparency as a service' solution that relies on the CertiMint API. Our choice of CertiMint is based on innovativeness and effectiveness that it provides. CertiMint allows us to ensure data integrity across the (traditionally very complex) supply chain. And to top it all off, it makes it easy and fast to integrate APIs."
Esoptra Development Team

CertiMint API usage

Prove the existence of data

Ensure and prove that a document or data set existed at a particular point in time. This can be crucial for contracts, research data, medical records, invoicing and supply chain documents, for example. Sensitive data can be time‑stamped in an unalterable way, while maintaining confidentiality.

Prove the integrity of data

If 2 parties have different versions of a file or document, who holds the valid one? At any point in time after recording data in the blockchain with the CertiMint API, you can prove the authenticity of your copy of a data and ensure that it has not been tampered with.

Acquire and verify signatures

Upload and sign or any document, contract or agreement, or have it signed by someone else. You can verify a signature at any point in time after the signature was recorded in the blockchain, with the guarantee that the document was not modified since it was signed.


The CertiMint API works with seals. Per transmitted document or data set 1 seal is used.
Keep this in mind while choosing the package that best suits your needs.







Max. no. of seals 50 200 1.000 5.000
Price / month** € 20 € 50 € 100 € 400
Price / seal € 0,40 € 0,25 € 0,10 € 0,08
Price / extra seal € 1,00 € 0,75 € 0,50 € 0,25

* Want to try it out first? All packages come with a free trial of 10 seals.

 ** There is no setup fee. An unlimited number of verifications and signatures is included in every package.


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