Underlined / Text Mining API

Analyze customer feedback with text mining

Transform complex data into valuable customer insights

Analyze complex and large text data in a fast and effective way with text mining. The Text Mining API can help you understand what customers say, without having to read a large amount of text. Enrich customer insights with the most important topics, intent and sentiment. Uncover similarities and associations. Visualize all your feedback data in straightforward dashboards and have a clear overview of where your greatest opportunities lie.

How it works in 1 minute

The Text Mining API from Underlined identifies every touchpoint that a customer interacts with, across multiple channels and over time. It connects millions of events into journeys from your customers’ point of view and has a unique data-driven solution to discover, analyze and influence your customers’ journeys.

What our customers say

"Underlined's Text Mining API enables us to better indicate our customer experience insights and really makes the difference. Now we can focus on the customer experience drivers instead of just looking at the scores. Underlined is a great, reliable partner and they proactively think along with us."
Jolien Nelemans & Tamara Mom
Marketers Customer Experience - Volksbank
"We have taken the first steps towards data-driven customer experience together with Underlined. I value our collaboration. Underlined has really proven its worth by using thorough analysis and identifying our key drivers of customer satisfaction and their impact."
Berend-Jan Rietveld
Head of Passenger Experience - Royal Schiphol Group

Text Mining API usage

Convert your conversations

Enrich the open answer from your customer per record with the most important topics and sentiment.

Visualize customer feedback

Visualize your customer feedback, together with all your other feedback data, in clear dashboards.

Improve your services

Get direct insight into where your greatest opportunities lie and which adjustments can most improve your service.








Functionality Single-topic
Multi-topic x x x
Calibration 1x year 2x year 4x year
Sentiment x Optional
Volume Incl. 5.000 / year* See volume fee chart See volume fee chart
Dynamic taxonomy x x
KPIs  tNPS, CES, CSAT Complete list Complete list
Fixed costs Initial setup and activation € 1.500,- € 1.500,- € 1.500,-
Monthly fee taxonomy     € 675,-
Monthly fee basic API usage € 250,- € 375,- € 100,-

* More than 5.000 text events, volume discount chart applies.



API usage and processing

Amount of text events

Cost per text event
Volume costs (variable costs) API usage level 1 First 100.000 events € 0,20
API usage level 2 Next 100.000 events € 0,10
API usage level 3 Next 100.000 events € 0,08
API usage level 4 Next 200.000 events € 0,05
API usage level 5 Next N events € 0,03


Example of cost calculation

Customer Subscription Annual volume Setup fee Monthly fixed fee Monthly variable fee Total monthly fee
A Generic Max. 5.000 € 1.500,- € 250,- n.a. € 250,-
B Branche 7.500 € 1.500,- € 375,- € 41,67 € 291,67
C Branche 150.000 € 1.500,- € 375,- € 250,- € 635,-




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