Enhance user experience with real-time communication

Use the Apidaze WebRTC API to easily integrate real-time communication features such as voice, video and chat into your applications. Real-time communication tools are powerful in enhancing the user experience for web and mobile apps. Get on board!

This API helps you to...

Talk to customers via video and chat

Upgrade your customers experience by offering video calling and web chat
directly from your website.

Offer conferencing tools

Build your own audio and video conferencing applications for mobile and web. 

Create a cloud-based call center

Build a 100% cloud-based call center and use your browser as a terminal. No hardware required.

How it works

The Apidaze WebRTC API offers tools so that your users can easily click to start a voice call, video call or chat with your customer service. This API can be used when the Apidaze Voice API is already implemented. Real-time communications features may be integrated into your website or mobile application with the convenient Apidaze WebRTC software development kit (SDK).


Browser-based calls

Enables browser integration of voice tools for making and receiving calls via your website.

Real-time tools for all

Diverse voice, video and messaging communication tools for your application or website.

Click-to-call widget

Sends traffic from your website to your customer service or sales department.

What it costs

Pricing information is coming soon. Please contact us below for a quote.

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