Switch to digital signatures and improve efficiency

Easy compliance with eSignatures and eSeals

Send documents for signing to customers and employees from your own application. With the Digital Signatures API you can fully digitalize your organization's work processes. The status of the documents can be monitored in real-time in the Zynyo dashboard. After the document has been signed by all parties, a copy is returned to all parties and added to your own archive. Zynyo signing service supports multiple authentication methods for the identity of the signatories including SMS-TAN, iDIN, DigID and PKI certificates. 

What our customers say

“Due to Zynyo's electronic signatures, physical signing of (employee) contracts is now obsolete which saves time and administrative workload. Zynyo also tackles the implementation of the electronic signature structurally. This ensures support and involvement with the IT supplier and system administrator to whose system the API-key is linked.”
Paul Dammers
Projectleader - Provincie Noord-Holland
“With Zynyo's technology, our sales department is now set up nationwide while working centrally from 1 location. It works very efficient and allows buyers and sellers to sign the purchase agreement with a desktop or smartphone from anywhere. The technique works well and is reliable.”
Mark Glas, Managing Partner
Managing Partnet - De Gratis Makelaar

Why use the Digital Signatures API

Send to multiple signees

Have your documents signed quickly by multiple signees from across the globe. Printing, scanning and expensive courier services for important contracts are no longer needed. Digital signatures are legally binding and conducted in accordance with the eIDAS regulations.

Automatically file documents

Administrators and signees are notified when all signatures have been obtained and receive a copy of the signed document. It is also possible to have an additional copy sent to the archive locations after the document is signed, further decreasing your administrative burden.

Sign multiple documents in 1 go

When signing multiple documents at the same time, the bulk signing function within the Zynyo signing service supports the signing of all documents with 1 action in a personal secure signing environment.


Basic pricing*

One-time setup fee € 250
Subscription fee € 50 per month
Pay per use € 0,50 per signature

*Enterprise pricing on request.

Pricing for authentication depends on use and
is added on top of the basic pricing:

Authentication per use

SMS-Tan € 0,10
iDIN € 0,60


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