Grow your customer base by adding your API to the KPN API Store. Our aim is to offer a user-friendly store, with APIs that are easy to test, implement and to manage in a secure way. The KPN API Store is a portfolio of high-quality, reliable and secure APIs for both the B2C and B2B markets. A clear one-stop-shop for anyone looking for an API. We do business based on a revenue-shared model which means we can only be successful together. Become a partner and get access to the trusted KPN ecosystem.


Get results…

  • Increase sales.
  • Expose your brand to KPN’s extensive network and customer base.
  • Connect directly to your target audiences.


…with low risk

  • Becoming a partner is completely free.
  • Always get your share; we carry all billing risks.
  • Remain your own product owner.


…and minimal effort

  • Onboarding is fast and easy. Start selling your API in no time.
  • Let us do the work. Outsource your sales, marketing, billing and support.
  • No minimal term commitment.

BecomeĀ a partner in 5 steps

Step 1: Fit requirements

Check whether your business and product fit our partner requirements (below).


Step 2: Apply

Contact us to apply for onboarding of your API.


Step 3: Get onboarded

  • Receive your reseller contract from us.
  • Come to an agreement.
  • We will onboard your API and take care of the technical details.


Step 4: Test

We review and test your API.


Step 5: Launch!

Your API is ready to go live. When everything is checked, we will publish your API, product and documentation page.


Your business and product needs to fit our store in 3 ways:

Strategic fit

Your business and product should fit our strategy; new APIs should add value and broaden our portfolio across sectors.

Business fit

Your business and product should demonstrate excellence and fit with our work ethic (teamwork and straightforward communication).

Technical fit

Your API will be tested to make sure it is of high quality. It should also have a clear documentation for developers and end-users.