Unlock the value of your API

Grow your customer base by positioning your API in the KPN API Store! Our API Store is made by developers for developers and provides a portfolio of high quality, reliable and secure APIs for both the B2C and B2B markets. A clear marketplace for anyone looking for an API.

The one stop shop for APIs

Users only need one account to access all available APIs in the API Store. At the end of the month they’ll receive one invoice that contains all used APIs. A developer friendly portal. With a simple invoicing process and a standardized way of presenting API documentation, we of the KPN API Store and our partners offer you a user friendly one stop API shop. Our aim is to make sure the APIs are easy to test, implement and to manage in a secure way.

Be part of the trusted KPN ecosystem

Positioning your APIs in the KPN API Store gives you a number of high-value benefits:

Increased sales

  • Utilize the KPN API Store as an extra sales channel
  • Access KPN’s extensive network & potential client base
  • Gain additional exposure for your products as it is offered under your own brand
  • Stand out through the sector specific positioning
  • Connect to the right target audience through special partner events or participation at e.g. Hackathons

Low risk

  • We do business based on a revenue share model, so we can only be successful together
  • Billing and invoicing is handled by KPN, rev share is guaranteed
  • Partner remains the product owner, KPN will not modify the product in any way
  • No minimal term commitment necessary

High results – low investment

  • No onboarding fees apply to be part of the API Store
  • Onboarding is fast & easy thanks to our sophisticated API platform
  • Let us do the work!
  • Customer management, sales, marketing, billing and 1st line support is all taken care of by the KPN API Store & our sales force.

Interested? See the requirements and onboarding process for becoming a partner at the KPN API Store:

Onboarding process:

Step 1: Fit assessment

Strategic fit: The KPN API Store follows a sector strategy, for which we’re are continuously looking for high-valuable APIs to broaden our portfolio. 

Business fit: The API Store business model is based on a partnership agreement: We can only be successful together!

  • Revenue share
    • Based on actual usage by customers per month
  • Post-paid
  • Flexible monetization
    • Pay as you go
    • Subscription
    • Volume based
  • Legal
    • GDPR compliant
    • Dutch law
  • KPN does the work
    • Customer management
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Invoicing & billing
    • 1st +2nd line support
  • Partner remains in control
    • Product owner & own brand
    • Product T&Cs to be accepted by customers

Technical fit:

  • High quality product
  • REST API documentation
  • All functionalities available via APIs
  • Swagger Files
  • Test accounts via accessible URL
  • API feed or dashboard to monitor customer usage
  • Additional info:
    • SDK/libraries dependencies?
    • Sandbox/demo environment available for customers? 

Step 2:

  • Agreement
  • Reseller Contract
  • SLA
  • Terms & Conditions
  • API scope

Step 3:

  • Onboarding
  • Technical onboarding of the API or APIs

Step 4:

  • Testing
  • API is reviewed and tested from both sides (KPN & Partner), both technically and commercial

Step 5:

  • Launch
  • API is ready to go live & launched in the API Store

Contact us

Do you have an API or more you would like to position in the KPN API Store and that fits the requirements? Do not hesitate to contact us, choose "I want to become a supplier" in the contact form. Tell us about your product and possible use cases.

Your KPN API Store Team!