Quality APIs only

How can you tell whether API's are thrustworthy, available and work the way they promise, with us this isn't an issue. When you integrate an API into your own applications, it’s important that an API lives up to your – and your organization’s – standards. That's why our developers make sure an API delivers real value ánd works the way it should before making it available in the KPN API Store.

Our store enables you to use APIs from suppliers that we trust and have proven to live up to KPN quality and safety standards. We also offer our own KPN APIs. In both cases, an API only gets a place in our store if we believe it is worth your while.


Test for free

  1. Check out APIs docs and tutorials
  2. Create a free account
  3. Test APIs for free
  4. Upgrade your account
  5. Take APIs into production 

Did you see an API that could help you with your use case? Register for a free account, so you can start testing in our sandbox. Testing APIs is completely free. There are limits per API, but the standard amount of free requests should be enough to test an API thoroughly. If you need more requests, send us a message and we’ll arrange it for you.

You get your own set of API keys (client ID and secret) for accessing all the APIs in our store. Our documentation and tutorials should help you get started with an API. The sample data in Swagger files allow you to see exactly how an API would function in your own application.

Create a free account


Taking APIs into production

You want to use an API in production? Then you need to upgrade your account in the My API Store. When you upgrade, we will verify your identity by comparing it with the name on your bank account (an 'iDIN check'). We will only use your personal bank account number to check your identity, we use the bank account of your company for the invoice, of course. From then on, you are a verified KPN API Store member and start paying per use (unless it's a free API of course). What you pay varies per API (see API pages for pricing details per API). Testing will continue to be free after you upgrade.


Don't know APIs yet?


Need help?

Contact us if you have any questions. We are happy to help you on your way. Remarks and ideas for improvement are also very welcome.

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