Wouter Van Schaik, Business Owner KPN API Store
At the KPN API Store, we continuously work on improving our platform and services. Last year, we developed our first real content strategy, spiking lots of promising new initiatives to make our portal more satisfying to work with for developers. So, what changes did we make? Check it out:


1. We added tutorials and demo videos to the API overview pages

We want you to have a user-friendly and intuitive customer experience at the API Store. This means that your feedback is very valuable to us. Based on user tests, we redesigned our API overview pages. We added tutorials and short demo videos to some documentation pages and we are planning to make more in the future. We placed the swagger link at the beginning of the page. To increase the effectiveness of our search bars, we added search words to our pages. To make technical information easier to find, we also included technical references in the specifications card per API. Moreover, we changed our landing page to give insight into what you as a developer gain from using our store.

2. New KPN APIs

Last year, we added some interesting new KPN APIs to our store. We expanded the variety of APIs we offer to better match your needs. The new KPN APIs are:

3. New partner APIs

In 2020, we welcomed many interesting partners in our store. Our new partner APIs are: 

4. Improving our API portfolio

We want to ensure you have access to high-quality APIs only. This means we are constantly monitoring the performance and quality of our APIs. As a result, we sometimes have to part ways with some of the APIs we offer in our store. In 2020, we said goodbye to the following APIs:

  • KPN Healthcare Messenger
  • KPN Short URL
  • KPN Encrypted Short URL
  • KPN Disturbance Detector
  • Notificare

5. Improving the API Store

Based on user feedback, we will continue to improve the API Store. As you can read in our previous blog, last year we launched a new, fully integrated My API Store developer environment that included clearer overviews and useful new testing and production features. On that note, we expect to go live with an enhanced version of that environment soon. So always keep an eye on the API Store since we will have other surprises for you in 2021.

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