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October 12 and 13, TADHack Global 2019 took place. Together with Speakup and Apiology we organized the Dutch edition of this amazing event! The weekend was full of great hacks, inspiring people and lots of fun!.

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Let the games begin

Presentation from Diana Zubchenko

Day 1 started off with an introduction about the TADHack, the global and the local sponsors.

Then we got to know each other. It was surprising how diverse our group of participants was. There were people from Ukraine, India, Indonesia and the Netherlands. Together we made this weekend an absolute blast! Everybody worked hard on their hacks, but we also managed to have some drinks and pizza to finalize day 1. 

Hard work pays off

Hackers gonna hack

After a good night’s rest we begun with day 2 of the hackathon. However, some people stayed up late to work on their hacks; some real dedication!

There were just a few hours left to finish up the presentations before the pitches begun. At 2 pm we started off with our 6 pitches. It was surprising how clever the hacks were. We could see a common thread throughout the hacks. All were focused on contributing something to society and IoT was very popular as well (maybe because of the location: the IoT Academy)!

Winning hacks

And then the moment arrived to reveal the local winners of the TADHack Netherlands 2019. And the winners are…

First place winner Viacheslav Oleinik

First place was achieved by Viacheslav Oleinik with his hack Automaton. He could relate with 20% of the tourists in Amsterdam which come from outside the Schengen zone. For them the use of data roaming is very expensive and are therefore limited in using sharing services containing a QR code (e.g. bike, scooter, car). Thanks to the NFC solution of Automaton, the connection and the payment go via the connected device itself using the suppliers’ infrastructure. Users only have to register once and are verified through the Telesign’s API. VoIP Innovations’ Voice API makes a secure confirmation call as soon as the connected device notices the user’s phone. Not only did Automaton win first place in the Netherlands ($ 300), but it also won first place of the VOIP Innovations Global winners ($ 1.000)!

Second place was achieved by Diana Zubchenko, who came up with the idea of Sustainbin. She noticed the problem that clothing containers are continuously polluted with regular garbage, making the clothes not reusable for charities or recycling. With Sustainbin, connected smart bins only open when it detects a registered user’s phone (you have to sign up via the app to gain access). Therefore, less mistakes can be made. Also, thanks to an incentive program and gamification, users are stimulated to use these bins more often and are actively engaged in recognizing the clothing bins. Second in the Netherlands ($ 200).

Third place was obtained by Arimit Bhattacharya with his new ChatPlatform Milo. By creating a chat platform and connecting users per topic of interest, connected people work towards solving their loneliness. Users are stimulated to have long chats with a sticker reward program. Moreover, the chat platform can be reused by organizations dealing with people facing loneliness (elderly people, people in reinsertion, suicide hotline, etc.). Third local prize, the API Store prize (€1.000 credits in the KPN API Store to further develop the project).

We are very proud of the achievements of our participants and are curious what the future will bring them. We hope everybody will continue with their projects and make this world a better place! 

What participants say

Viacheslav Oleinik says:

Well, the weekend was very intense for me. I woke up early to be on time, it was pretty challenging because of the public transportation work. This as funny a story as a challenging and memorable one.

The place was really cool. Big space for big minds. The pretty industrial landscape caught my eye. The interior was really pushing to work. When you see a place with a lot of cool startups, where people make technical solutions and are moving the world forward, you can't stay on one place. I really wanted to start developing my hacks ASAP.

I was really surprised when met two people from my country pretty far from Ukraine. I was also amazed too to meet participants from other countries. I got inspired to study new domains for me such as graphical design and creating videos in Adobe AfterEffects. Thanks to Arimit Bhattachary for demonstrating his good skills in that.

Diana Zubchenko:

I really enjoyed participating in the TADHack Global. Everybody was so helpful and I learned a lot about new technologies. The venue was also pretty cool! It was inspiring working with people from all kind of different nationalities. I hope to see everybody at the next TADHack Global!

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