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For the second time around, the leading Dutch API event APIdays was a great success at Hotel Arena Amsterdam on the 18th and 19th of June 2019. An inspiring event! We were particularly inspired by a leading idea on what it really means to create a good customer experience. Let’s recap.

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A truly inspiring second edition

If you were looking for the most innovative 400 API players in the Netherlands, you were sure to find them at APIdays Amsterdam 2019. Participants ranged from corporates to start-ups, from CEOs to DevRel specialists. We noticed a clear shift from business visitors towards more technical visitors like data architects and developers. A promising widening of scope! We feel congratulations to White Rabbit, Ottspott and APIdays Conferences are in order for this wonderful second edition.

We enjoyed watching clients, partners, integrators and vendors openly discussing the future of contextual communications in the Netherlands and beyond. Talks and workshops among other things covered the role of artificial intelligence and conversational computing in business, the future in IT architecture and customer experience design, API programming languages, prototyping and developer tips. Major companies such as ING and ABN AMRO inspired the audience by showing how they use APIs.

We ourselves talked about observability and monitoring (see button on top), and gave a workshop on how to use the APIs in the KPN API Store.

Discussions alive in the API community

So many interesting questions passed during the keynote talks. How can APIs serve humans and society? What are the possibilities and limits? How can APIs help banks and other industries open up and start co-innovating? How can APIs help improve customer experience?

But also: What role could telecommunications companies play in the future, as network providers, as marketplaces, technology and innovation partners, being at the core of the society and allowing connectivity between people and machines? Being affiliated to a telco, of course this particular discussion interests us very much. So much in fact, that we recently wrote an article about the unique position of telcos in the API economy.

Discussions demonstrated clearly that APIs are a very unique and effective tool which should not be underestimated. APIs give companies limitless possibilities to speed up innovation, grow and better engage customers in all kinds of ways.

CX: the answer is right in front of you

We were particularly charmed by Adrian Swinscoe’s talk about customer experience. He put forward an idea that we found inspiring and it comes down to this:

You’ve likely forgotten your customer’s experience in your search for the best customer experience.

Like what happened to CRM (Customer Relations Management) in the past, the field of CX (Customer Experience) has become distorted by output-centered thinking, Swinscoe states in his recent book ‘Punk CX’. Customers themselves are at risk of being totally forgotten in the talk about the ‘customer experience’.

When you want to create a great experience for your customer, the answer is right in front of you, says Swinscoe. Don’t think you know. Your customers know what they need. And so do your customer service agents that speak to customers every day. So ask them.

We love that. Swinscoe’s disruptive, crystal clear vision left a lasting impression on our team. Even though it can be a challenge to get regular user testing set up, we always try to ask customers for feedback. We continuously work on redesigning and innovating our website in ways that serve and improve the experience of our customer.

We hope APIdays was as inspiring for you as it was for us.

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