We were glad to contribute to this new innovative project, providing the Nest Protect smart smoke detector with our SMS API.

Automatic battery ordering

No more annoying low battery beeps, alarms with empty batteries or trips to the shops for smoke alarm batteries. A new service today, designed to work with Nest Protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm, will automatically order new batteries when they begin to get low. Customers of the new service, developed by 50five, KPN API Store, Energizer, Olisto and Tikkie from ABN AMRO, will automatically be sent a request to approve a Tikkie payment request weeks before the batteries are depleted.

The new service was developed to help solve the issue of having smoke alarms without working batteries. Olisto links the services together, KPN sends the SMS, the payment process is provided by Tikkie, Energizer delivers the batteries and 50five processes the order.

Alarm via SMS

A second advantage of this new service is that Nest Protect automatically retains five family members or friends send SMS and email when smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. This augments the existing Family Accounts feature of Nest which allows up to 10 people access to Nest products and alerts via the Nest App. That way, someone can always go quickly take action if the resident is in trouble and cannot respond adequately himself. By this solutions are also audible for others and that naturally also fits in well with the message from the Fire Prevention Weeks about placing audible smoke detectors.

Smarter is safer

The cooperation fits seamlessly with the campaign of the National Fire prevention week started on 1 October. The campaign focuses on the importance of this year closing windows and doors and placing audible smoke detectors. From research of the fire department academy shows that only 45 percent of the suspended smoke detectors really work. The advice is to connect smoke detectors to the mains or to use batteries with a long lifetime use such as Nest Protect which has a multi-year battery life.

The value of the Nest Protector

"This collaboration shows the added value of smart appliances in the home. This one smart solution significantly improves safety," says Egbert Hietberg, commercial director at 50five. "It is becoming easier to make such links with others smart devices, so that the possibilities increase and it becomes more and more useful to fit. We will soon see many more beautiful combinations and applications as the smart solutions become part of the smart ecosystem."

"The smart home has since passed the hype phase. The high expectations are decreasing and realism occurs. We are now entering a new phase, where the really practical applications of the smart home is embraced by a larger audience," says Tom Meijeraan, co-founder of Olisto. "The smoke detector, which itself orders batteries, is a good example of this. Less sexy than for example, automatic opening doors, but it does solve an essential problem."

"At KPN New Business we continuously look at ways to simplify the lives of consumers and companies," says Céline Brault, Marketing Manager at KPN New Business. "The smart smoke detectors are a promising idea in that respect!"

"This cooperation clearly shows that Tikkie offers more possibilities than only the interchange of amounts by consumers. Someone can safely pay immediately so that the smoke detector can continue to work properly," says Guido Berber, Business Developer Tikkie.

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