Jeroen Seydel, Partner manager at the API Store

The demand for chatbots is growing rapidly in many industries. Customers increasingly expect their questions, updates on orders and returns to be processed quickly via a chatbot. A chatbot can also be useful for your customer service. Think of it as a virtual employee who helps to answer questions and generate leads. It saves time and money, and it can even make your company grow more efficiently. So why wait to implement your own chatbot?

Save precious time with the Watermelon Chatbot API

One of the biggest advantages of a chatbot is that it saves your customer service a lot of time. Chatbots can provide super fast automated answers to questions that they recognize, even multiple questions at the same time.

On top of that, you can also have your chatbot ask the standard questions yourself. For example, it can request information such as an order number, a customer number, or any kind of problem the customer has with an order. A customer service employee then takes over the conversation from the bot and can immediately start solving the problem. This way, it makes the work of your employees more efficient and even more interesting!

"Chatbots can provide super fast automated answers to questions that they recognize, even multiple questions at the same time"

Waiting a day (or even longer) for an answer is no longer necessary, because your chatbot is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customer receives a quick answer, even outside of opening hours.

Bots make less mistakes

Making mistakes is human. Employees can forget stuff, enter numbers incorrectly or make other mistakes in contact with the customer. That’s not the case for a chatbot. It makes no spelling mistakes, has a great memory and copies exactly what the customer enters. This means you can always return the right information to your customers.

Smooth switch between chatbot and employee

Does your chatbot not know the answer? With the Watermelon Chatbot API, the customer is automatically redirected to an available employee. For every question that is not answered by the chatbot, users receive a message in their dashboard. When you solve this so-called mismatch, the chatbot grows even smarter. So next time someone asks this question, your chatbot will know the answer.

"If the chatbot doesn't know the answer, your customer is automatically redirected to an available employee"

The API allows you to collect a nice overview of new FAQs. Useful input for optimizing your website and your chatbot conversations!

Grow your customer base

With Watermelon’s all-in-one platform for online conversations you can link your chatbot to your website, to popular social media channels and to messaging apps. This way your customers can reach you in the way that they like best. It makes your organization a lot more accessible for (potential) customers.

Make it easy on yourself

Want to start building your own chatbot? The Watermelon API saves you a lot of work.

In a few clicks you can easily create your own chatbot without using any code. Watermelon’s user-friendly chatbot management platform enables anyone to build their own digital colleague in 5 easy steps:

  1. Start with feeding knowledge to the chatbot.
  2. Allow it to deepen its knowledge through AI learning.
  3. Test its effectiveness before going live.
  4. Passed the test? Time to publish your chatbot! Link it to your social media channels and messaging apps, and centralize your client contact in a clear dashboard. Now you’re available for customers 24/7 on multiple channels.
  5. Let your customers make the chatbot even smarter, based on their own real questions.

The unique benefits

  • Available 24/7 for your customers, in their own language.
  • Maximum reach by the chatbot to your website, social media channels and messaging apps.
  • A single user-friendly dashboard for messages from different channels.
  • Automatically switches to an employee for questions that the chatbot cannot answer.
  • Gain insight into new customer questions with automatically created overviews of new, unknown questions.
  • No code needed thanks to the user-friendly chatbot builder.

Watermelons chatbot can help you

Why we partnered up with Watermelon

Watermelon has already proven to be a great help to many users.

At AFAS Software they are very satisfied with their chatbot: “We went live at a terribly fast pace, which is important to us. This way we could quickly gain insight into the questions that customers ask. Now, a while later, we really notice the benefits of the chatbot. In the beginning it may take a little more time to set up and let employees get used to it, but you soon notice that it will help you a lot!”

"The Watermelon Chatbot API has the potential to help our customers expand their business and ensure customer satisfaction"

Chatbot Lilly from Luxaflex® UK works together with their CRM system, thanks to the Watermelon API. “The moment someone requests a brochure or a conversation, this is automatically processed in the CRM. If someone requests a conversation, the entire chat conversation is saved and sent along. This way, the sales employee can see exactly which route the potential customer has taken and what information he or she is interested in.”

At the KPN API Store, we believe that the Watermelon Chatbot API is a good match for our API Store, as it has the potential to help our customers expand their business and ensure customer satisfaction. We believe in the power of Watermelon, as a fast-growing, specialist and creative start-up.

Test for free in the KPN API Store

Curious about the Watermelon Chatbot API, but would like to try it first? Our cooperation with Watermelon makes it possible to test the API for free in our sandbox environment. Thanks to the use of mock data you can see exactly how the API would function in your own application.

Start your own Watermelon chatbot