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Registered e‑mail for the business market has been available for some time. But private individuals also want to be able to send secure and legally valid e‑mails, especially if they often work remotely. In Belgium, they understand that. Now it's time for the Netherlands to follow.

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Ideal for the business market

More and more companies see the advantages of registered e‑mail. We at Registered E‑mail set up a convenient SaaS (software as a service) environment for it. You just install a plug‑in in Outlook and you can get started. It's simple, secure and legally valid. An ideal solution for the business market. But as a small entrepreneur or private individual, you usually can't realize something like this because of the costs and effort to set it up. 

Belgium's smart solution for private individuals

If you want to send a registered e‑mail as a private individual, you have to move to Belgium for the time being. That's because our southern neighbors have the smart KBC app. An all-in-one banking app with which you can not only just pay, but also pay your parking fee, rent a shared bike or buy a train ticket. Recently, KBC added the option to send registered e‑mails by adding the Registered E‑mail API to their application. 

Identification is very simple. It relies on the extensive process that the user has gone through when opening a bank account. How much safer can it be? With almost 1 million users (out of a population of around 12 million), the KBC app is incredibly popular.

Follow the whole journey of your e‑mail

Thanks to the Registered E‑mail API, users of the KBC Mobile banking app can now also easily send a registered e‑mail to cancel their rental contract, energy contact or mobile phone subscription. They just add their attachments, enter the e‑mail address of the recipient and the e‑mail is ready for sending. With the help of a timestamp and the track & trace functionality, users are able to follow the entire sending process step by step.

The API guarantees that all contents of the shipment remain unchanged and the recipient is immediately notified of the e‑mail. All e‑mails are sent through a well‑secured server. In addition, the digital fingerprint and a so‑called hash encryption are stored encrypted. This way users can be sure that the e‑mail cannot be read by others.

Registered e‑mail for individuals has come to Holland

Don't want to move? According to the Dutch pop band Het Goede Doel, Belgium is the best country to move to. But it seems to us a somewhat drastic measure if you just want to send a registered e‑mail as a private individual. It's time for the Netherlands to use the Registered E‑mail API in applications for individuals too. We are definitely ready for it. 

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