Jeroen Seydel, Partner manager at the API Store
Imagine this: the postman rings your doorbell and you open the door. “There’s an important letter for you”, he says. You reply with “Oh, thanks” and you wait until he gives you the letter. But he doesn’t. Instead, he tells you that you have to pick up the letter yourself at the post office, because it’s safer that way. Weird, right?

Test Secure E-mail API for free

Often, it works the same way for safe e-mail. How often do you get a message like: There’s an important message waiting for you in your account? It’s safe, but not very convenient. That’s why SecuMailer made the Secure E-mail API.

Why we partnered up with SecuMailer

In our KPN API Store we strive to offer a varied assortment of safe and high-quality APIs for communication, identity and security applications. To find potential partners for the Store, KPN organized a Security and Identity Challenge back in April 2019. SecuMailer was chosen as the winner of the challenge: “It solves urgent e-mail encryption problems and it is offered via an API for direct integration. Their product is a good fit with the KPN API Store. We are eager to make their Secure E-mail API available via our API Store as soon as possible.”

As a result, we now officially offer the Secure E-mail API in our API Store!

About the API

Your company probably can’t work without e-mail. It is pretty essential to use e-mail to keep in touch with your customers. But it’s also very important to send those e-mails securely. Does it have to be like in the example with the postman? According to SecuMailer, it really doesn’t.

The Secure E‑mail API allows you to safely send confidential, personal, financial or even medical data over e‑mail on any device. Secure E‑mails are encrypted end-to-end and sent over a secure TLS connection, making sending and receiving sensitive data easier for everyone.

“The Secure E‑mail API allows you to safely send confidential, personal, financial or even medical data over e‑mail on any device”

There’s no need for your customer to log into a secured portal or install security plugins any longer. The e-mail can be read immediately and all the technology behind it is kept out of sight for the e-mail sender and recipient.

You can integrate the API directly into your application or e-mail server. The API even delivers feedback on delivery and insightful daily reports, so you are always informed of sending status.

GDPR and NTA 7516 compliant

The Secure E-mail API allows companies to send their customers GDPR compliant e-mails with personal data. SecuMailer, among other parties, helped the ministry to draft the new standard for secure e-mailing in healthcare: the NTA 7516. For sending e-mails with personal health information, it is now a legal obligation to comply with this standard.

“With Secure E-mail you can comply with the NTA 7516 standard before January 1, 2020”

To meet this new standard, SecuMailer makes sure that e-mails are sent via a TLS connection, and with two-factor authentication for both the sender and the receiver. This way, you can give substance to the NTA 7516 standard before January 1, 2020.

Partners in two-factor authentication

To make two-factor authentication possible, SecuMailer teamed up with Mobile Connect by KPN. In a simple way, the recipient is asked for access to his inbox on his telephone. After that permission is given, the e-mail will be stored securely in the recipients inbox. This way, the e-mail will still appear as a normal e-mail in the recipients inbox. This makes it the best user experience for secure e-mailing.

ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified

To make your information security complete, the Secure E-mail API is ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified. The first standard applies to all types of organizations, such as commercial companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. The second one is a Dutch standard specifically meant for the healthcare sector in the Netherlands.

Satisfied customers

A good example of a branch in which secure e-mail plays an important role, is accountancy. That’s why Streets Chartered Accountants teamed up with SecuMailer.

“Secumail addresses the fundamental problem with e-mail, the lack of control over the delivery protocols. No other product makes it as simple to comply with GDPR and our users no longer have to remember which data requires encryption as every e-mail is now sent securely.”

"SecuMailer can offer true opportunities to clients dealing with sensitive information"

JustData is also very satisfied with the SecuMailer service.

“Secure E-mailer is of the utmost importance to an ICT company like JustData. As an ICT specialist I can't think of my customer's sensitive information being compromised. The solution Secure E-mail offers is 100% trustworthy. I can recommend it to every self-respecting company.”

We are glad to welcome SecuMailer on the KPN API Store and believe it will offer true opportunities to our clients dealing with (highly) sensitive information.

Test the Secure E-mail API for free

Curious about the Secure E-mail API, but would like to try it first? Our cooperation with SecureMailer makes it possible to test the API in our sandbox environment for free. Thanks to the use of sample data, you can see exactly how the API would function in your own application.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. If you choose SecuMailer’s API before February 2020, you’ll even get a free trial of 1 month! 

Test Secure E-mail API for free