By Céline Brault, Community Manager at KPN API Store
Here at KPN, we know a thing or two about telecoms. In fact, our colleagues across KPN have been at the forefront of that revolution. That's why we are happy be partnering with Vonage (formerly known as Nexmo), one of the major pioneers of cloud communications. Cloud communication has changed how companies stay in touch with their customers.

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We are excited to bring Vonage's world-leading APIs to our API Store. Their API's include functionalities like:

Thanks to Vonage’s global network and excellent understanding of local laws and technical requirements, you’ll get unparalleled deliverability and quality that you won’t even find with our communication APIs.

Let’s look at each product in some more detail.


When was the last time you ignored a text message? If you’re like most people, then maybe you never ignore text messages. According to research reported by Adobe, 98% of text messages are read.

With Vonage’s SMS API, you can build two-way, secure customer messaging right into your applications. Imagine, for example, that you want to entice past customers with a special offer. Sending two-way SMS using Vonage’s bulk SMS service means you can tailor each message to the recipient, perhaps including unique voucher codes or suggested purchases, and benefit from the near-perfect engagement that SMS offers.

You can also receive and process text messages using inbound numbers available in countries and cities around the world. Perhaps you’re inviting people to participate in a survey or you want to open another customer support channel. With Vonage's SMS gateway, inbound SMS is available to you just like any other data type.

Voice API

The telephone network used to be all about fixed cables from place to place. Now it’s just another communication channel that you can build into your software.

Imagine being able to connect customers directly from within your app to your contact center or even to other customers. With Vonage's Voice API, you can make clumsy voice menus into a thing of the past and connect people directly based on the context of the app they’re using. You might have used something similar in a ride-sharing app when you need to help the driver find your location or maybe in your banking app when you needed to query a transaction.

The possibilities are almost endless. You can:

  • Make text-to-speech calls programmatically, for announcements, security authentication and more.
  • Automatically provision and route inbound numbers according to whichever internal business needs you have.
  • Enable in-app calling that routes the call according to the context of the app.
  • Connect participants in a two-sided market – such as an auction or ride-sharing app – without having to share their real phone numbers.
  • Whether you’re building a full contact center or looking at using voice here and there in an app - Vonage’s Voice API makes it easy.

Verify API

It’s not enough to ask your users to log-in using only a username and password. Increasingly, customers and industry standards demand greater security protections.

Two-factor authentication adds another layer of security. With Vonage’s Verify API you can add two-factor authentication to your log-in process with just a few API calls.

Using the Verify API, you can automatically send a unique code by SMS to your users each time they log-in. Then, during your log-in process, you ask the user to enter the same code. If they enter the right code, you have an additional confirmation of their identity.

Number Insight API

How do you know that someone is who they say they are? Surprisingly, telephone numbers can tell you rather more than you might expect.

Using Vonage's Number Insight API you can get a detailed report on any telephone number. Is it a mobile, landline or VOIP (Voice over IP)? Where is it registered? Who is the carrier? All that and more is available to your apps to verify the identity of people who use your products.

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Together, Vonage and KPN bring you decades of telecoms experience, a reliable global network and many useful APIs. In addition to the APIs above, we also offer Vonage's Phone Numbers APIMessages API and Dispatch API in our store.

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