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Get real-time insights with Client Contact reports

Show your most important client contact data real-time in any front-end. The API allows you to show real-time or historic insights on Agents, Queues and Trunks. Combine many data sources and create your own insights with this stable, cost efficient and lightweight solution. This API is capable of handling a high capacity, no matter how many agents you have.

Dynamic dashboard

The dashboard reports are adjustable to any business logic and have the option to send signals when thresholds are exceeded.

Customizable layout

Integrate with any layout, enhance readability with page flipping or add extra visual components such as time, date and charts.

Secure reporting

Publish specific authenticated reports with user name / password, active directory and IP authentication or share freely accessible reports.

How it works

The API collects data from your Call Management System or other data source. This can be any source for example (not limited to): Avaya Call Management Systems, SQL databases or Excel sheets. KPN integrates the data collectors in your data source(s) so you can start using this API to collect the desired data. Show the data in any dashboard or any other front-end. 

In some cases there may be a need for extra data fields to be available through the API. KPN's development team is available to discuss the opportunities.

Getting started

1. Test
The API is available in the sandbox environment, using mock data that represents a client contact center. This is available for you to experience the possibilities.

2. Apply
Is it something you like? Use our contact form to get in touch with our team and take this API into production.

3. Go live!
After onboarding, KPN developers will install the data collectors. Now you can start using the API in your own environment and create your insights.

You can...

Answer every call in time

With real-time insights you can display the number of agents staffed, available and busy. You can also show the incoming lines and the number of missed calls. Use these insights to staff your contact center.

Monitor all agents

Agents working on different locations or even from home can be monitored and shown on the office wallboards. This flexible solution allows you to monitor your complete contact center performance.

Display on any screen

You can even use environmental friendly smart TV's to display dashboards. Based on IP authentication, the static IP address of the smart TV is linked to the report for the specific department.

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