Encrypted Short URLs - KPN


Communicate sensitive information in a secure way

Create and send URLs with encrypted token via SMS from your application

  • Security
Enhance your communications and eliminate vulnerabilities by sending secure friendly URLs.

Have you ever thought that sending a link (URL) via SMS can be a threat for your servers? Many URLs use specific customer information as identifiers, like in this example:

Hackers can easily slow down the response of your web environment or even bring the server down with immense load by just injecting a script! A realistic and severe threat these days.

Overcome this threat when sending campaigns, discounts with limited validity, surveys, track & trace links, and any other link via SMS to a customer. Using the encrypted URL API you are able to send, in a highly secure way, links via SMS from your application with minimal effort.

Problems with sending regular URLs:

  • Reveals customer information
  • Vunerable to threats easily
  • Server can be made slow or down
  • Analytics can be messed up
  • …many more

With Send Encrypted URL:

  • Secure & user friendly URL
  • Customer information not revealed
  • Brand promotion
  • Can expire


Highly flexible

If you want the URL to expire after a certain time-period, then you can customize this by passing your limitations for the date & time.

Brand Promotion

You can generate short URLs for your own brand

Programmable sender ID

Communicate with your customers by means of a recognizable ID. You can define the sending ID to match your preferences.

How it works

Through the encrypted short URL API, you are connected to KPN’s encryption & decryption functionality  and Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol. So there is no need for you to develop and support this yourself! 

The input is simply the URL, parameters (like customer or order identifiers etc.), text message and the recipient’s mobile number. The URL with identifiers will be encrypted and converted into a short URL. This removes any personal identifiers from the URL.

The encryption key will be managed by KPN. You are also sure your SMS messages are delivered quickly and reliably because of KPN’s SMS engine. KPN has the connections with all carriers so you can send your SMS to any mobile number. Optimize your development time and resources by connecting to this API!


Per encrypted URL via SMS to

€ 0,10
NL numbers
€ 0,14
International numbers



You can…

Scheduling a delivery or an appointment

You can send an URL to your customer to plan, for example, an engineer or appointment. The identifiers (e.g. customer ID, order ID) for that customer will be encrypted into a token and a short URL is send. So, no customer data is exposed!

Send Track & Trace link

To inform your customers about their purchases you can communicate the status in a secure way without exposing any personal (customer ID) or predictable (e.g. zip-code) data.


You can use this API to send campaigns during for example Kings day, Black Friday or in general. The expiry time of the campaign is encrypted, so the URL is only valid for a certain period.