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Combine health and fitness data from dozens of apps into one

Designed to collect and organize data per user

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An intelligent data platform for health, fitness and nutrition

ELCIES' API is a bridge between lifestyle service providers and their health-conscious clients. Clients all wear different devices for monitoring health. This API helps to organize and personalize clients’ fitness, health and lifestyle data. With this API you can also build your own intervention and prevention campaigns and more, based on user health and physical activity data.

Seamless integration

Integrate most wearable and health data into your existing platforms and apps easily.


Communicate with your users about their challenges and progress by using their health data.

Useful in many ways

From advise and awareness campaigns to personalized workouts, diet plans, monitoring health services and support.

How it works

The Health Data Aggregator API allows you to create applications that take advantage of data recorded by different brands of wearables and health devices. Examples are Googe Fit, Fitbit, iHealth, Apple Watch and Polar. By integrating this API into your application, you can show your users all their health data in one place.

The API offers an extensive data schema, with steps, calories, BMI, weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate and more. The API uses authentication for safe communication between your users and your application.

What it costs


Getting started

1. Test
After signing up, you receive credit to start testing Messages. This is available for you to experience the possibilities.

2. Apply
As soon as the API is out of the BETA phase you can apply for production!

You can...

Manage multiple clients

With this API you will be able to manage and monitor all your client data in one simple platform at once.

Promote and reward healthy lifestyle

Monitor real-time physical activity and health conditions of your clients.

Connect to a wide variety of devices

Access the data of dozens of sports and health devices, from activity trackers to blood-pressure and glucose monitoring devices.

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