KPN Click-to-Call API

A flexible Click‑to‑Call widget

With this application you can optimize digital interactions with your customers. Add the widget to any website, application or system and directly engage with the right customer, callcenter agent or field representative. Interested in how it works in practice?

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Embed direct calling in your website

Make it easy for your customer to contact your customer service. Have them start a voice or video call directly from your e‑commerce website or mobile application.

Connect in context

Request customer information via the widget and link it to your CRM-system. Your agents immediately know who is calling and based on web behavior they also receive good insights in why the customer might be calling. Be able to help customers better and faster!

Enlighten the customer experience

Let customer skip complicated IVRs and phone queues. With the visual IVR widget they can connect to the right agent by just clicking through it.

Configure routings easily

Via our low‑code/no‑code back‑end application and pre‑generated code snippets.

Already integrated

With almost any leading CRM and software package. It’s just like a plug-in!

KPN secure

This solution is hosted within a KPN data center, which is certified and GDPR‑proof.

How it works

The application has standard snippet codes which you can put into your browser, CMS and/or CRM system. The set-up guidance will help you through this the first time. Voice calling within this application is based on WebRTC so you do not need to have knowledge of SIP or other complicated telecommunication tools. You will be able to confgure appropriate call routings via the back‑end application.

What's in it for you?

For your customer:

Directly connect via the call‑button
No endless phone queues
Friendly interface to indicate question

For your organization:

Know who is calling and why
Be able to help better and faster
Higher NPS and efficiency