KPN Image Recognition API

Analyze your images automatically

The image recognition API adds image analysis to your application. Gain insights into images and classify them in any category. Automatically add labels to images and organize your content. You can make images searchable using categorization and filtering. This API is capable of detecting multiple objects, people, logos, scenes, and activities.

This API helps you to...

Predict customer support issues

You can immediately identify attributes in images to predict whether products are damaged or broken. This way you ensure your customer receives the support accordingly.

Monitor inappropriate content

Protect your customers from inappropriate content. Identify, filter and/or remove potentially inappropriate images from your website, database or elsewhere.

Advise customers on product usage

Use logo detection of products to provide your customers with valuable advise on topics such as popular recipes or corresponding food guidance.

How it works

You can recognize images – individually or even a whole library. Use the API to send images automatically to the image recognition engine and receive a classification of each image. The image recognition engine is based on a predefined model that processes your images. The accuracy of the predefined model lies around 90%.



Filter your image database based on characteristics of the images.


Categorize images into segments with similar characteristics.


Add labels that describe what is happening in an image.

What it costs

This API is FREE.