KPN One Time Password API

Second factor authentication via SMS, voice or e-mail

Make sure that only verified persons get access to your data with a second authentication factor. A call to the One Time Password API will send a One Time Password (OTP) to your user via an SMS, voice or e-mail message. The identity of the requester is verified when entering the OTP. This way you establish a safe entry point to your data!

This API helps you to...

Upgrade your security

Add an extra layer of user authentication to your application with One Time Passwords.

Add convenience for your user

Let your user decide whether the code is sent through SMS, voice or e-mail.

Customize validity of password

Adjust the validity time of the OTP to match it with your users preferences and your requirements.

How it works

When a user logs in, an encrypted API call is sent to the One Time Password API. This call includes a message and the mobile number of the person who is requesting access. The message (a code, usually 6 or up to 10 characters long) is sent to the appropriate mobile device requesting your user to enter the given One Time Password (OTP). The text message can be sent an SMS, e-mail or voice message. Only after entering the right One Time Password (OTP), access will be granted.

The validity of the OTP is limited, so lost OTPs won't harm your data's security. After a set number of minutes a new OTP is required to get access. You can customize the validity time

We can help you secure your authentication in every stem of your development and application maturity. We can help integrate the sending of OTP messages to clientless (mobile) devices, soft- and hard tokens fully white-labeled to your organizational or application needs. We can even help integrate biometrical authentication methods. We are more than happy to help you conquer all your authentication challenges.


Effortless integration

No need for equipment; a simple API call does the job. A secure connection makes sure that a higher security level is included.

Low costs

Make sure that the right person gets access to your data environment on an economical, pay-per-use basis. No investments.

Easy to scale up

Whether there are 5 or 5000 visitors per day – we will take care of your authentication requirements.

What it costs

Fixed monthly fee of € 270 + pay per use

€ 0,10