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Seamless integration of accurate TV information

Get access to reliable TV channel and program details. This API provides you with information on all live, programmed and on-demand TV shows on the Dutch market. Enrich your platform and keep your customers well-informed.

This API helps you to...

Customize TV schedules

Use the information retrieved from this API to make customized TV schedules based on preference and/or related TV shows.

Build a recommendation engine

Use the TV guide information as a source of data to suggest other TV shows to your users.

Complement your TV guide

Complement and power your TV guide with all the accurate information and structure of the EPG data feed.

How it works

Easily develop TV guide solutions for your own platform with our TV Guide API. The API retrieves information from the TV catalog and detailed information related to any specific topic.
The TV Guide API provides information for the Dutch TV only.


Channel data

Always retrieve up-to-date information available from TV channels and filter it to customize results.

EPG data

Retrieve extra information on TV shows as shown in the electronic program guide (EPG).

Live/VOD content

Retrieve the content details of live and video on-demand (VOD) TV shows.

What it costs

For this API, we decide case by case whether access to the TV Guide API is granted.
Want to apply for a quote? Contact us below.