Polly.help Knowledge Management API

The right answer every time

Optimize customer service experience by answering customer and employee questions easily and on every channel. The Knowledge Management API organizes information into a rich and insightful knowledge database, allowing you to find the right answer to questions every time. Actionable analytics help you to identify and fill any existing knowledge gap.

This API helps you to...

Answer customer questions

Get the most relevant information to your customer or employee quickly with the help of advanced search options.

Collaborate on articles

Use collaborative authoring features to keep knowledge database content up to date, accurate and relevant.

Pinpoint knowledge gaps

Use a rich set of reports and analytics to identify knowledge gaps, opportunities and contributions.

How it works

The Knowledge Management API allows you to find the right support information quickly and effectively. It organizes and presents information in a database with a user-friendly interface, advanced filtering options and actionable analytics. The platform supports multiple languages and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to quickly find the most relevant information across a variety of sources.

This API can also be used to collaborate on content easily. Built-in feedback loops allow support agents to rate article information, suggest improvements and ensure that articles are up to date, accurate and relevant.


Dynamic and flexible

Supports flexible authoring and publication, the use of rich media and dynamic updates.

Better customer satisfaction

Allows customers and employees to find the right answer to their question intuitively, improving satisfaction and conversion.

Quick and simple to integrate

Integrates into your website with just two lines of code, using tailored and personalized knowledge portals.

What it costs

Pricing information is coming soon. Please contact us below for a quote.