Convenient and secure e-mailing

The SecureMail API allows you to safely send confidential, personal, financial or even medical data over e-mail. SecureMail e-mails are encrypted and GDPR-compliant. No need for your customer to log into a secured portal or install security plugins any longer. This API makes sending and receiving sensitive data easier for everyone.

This API helps you to...

Create the best user experience

Give your customer access to personal data in a convenient way, without the need to log in or install anything.

Send sensitive data securely

Communicate sensitive data to your customer directly over e-mail while staying fully compliant with privacy and GDPR regulations.

Save costs on invoicing

Sending invoices over secure e-mail increases the attention value of your bills, reinforces quick payment and cuts costs for security portals.

How it works

The SecureMail API allows you to send end-to-end encrypted e-mail, taking care of your regulatory (GDPR) and healthcare specific (NTA 7516) requirements.

The API creates a bridge with the e-mail environment of the recipient and confirms whether e-mail can be delivered in an encrypted way. If so, the e-mail is sent over a secure TLS connection. If not, the SecureMail API automatically provides an alternative, secure method of delivery. The API delivers feedback on delivery and insightful daily reports.

SecureMail is a REST API that may be directly integrated into your own application or any common mail server (Office 365, Exchange, Gmail Apps, Salesforce, Lotus Domino). It is not necessary to install plugins, certificates or end-user software. The API works with any client on any device.


Just like regular e-mail

Works, looks and feels just like regular e-mail, for both the sender and the recipient.

Two-factor authentication

Upgradable to two-factor authenticated e-mail delivery in combination with the KPN Mobile connect API.

Easy to implement

Easily implemented by connecting the secure Secumailer platform to your own e-mail back-end system.

What it costs

A one off setup fee of € 150 euro applies per domain/company.

No. of mailboxes Price per mailbox per month Minimum price per month
1 - 100 € 5,00 € 100
101 - 500 € 4,00 € 500
501 - 1.000 € 3,50 € 2.000
1.001 - 2.500 € 3,00 € 3.500
2.501 - 5.000 € 2,50 € 7.500
5.001 - 10.000 € 2,00 € 12.500
10.001 - 25.000 € 1,75 € 20.000
25.001 - 50.000 € 1,50 € 43.750
50.001 - 100.000 € 1,25 € 75.000
100.001 - 250.000 € 1,00 € 125.000