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Monitor and engage customers on social media and messaging platforms

Convenient, large-scale and widely applicable

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Excellent real-time customer service

The Social Webcare API allows you to monitor and analyze customer activity on your social media, and give personal customer service at a large scale. Respond via social media or messaging channels and integrate the API with your chatbots to engage customers at any time of day. The API allows you to understand your customers and give them a high-quality and personalized experience.

This API helps you to...

Increase customer satisfaction

Engage customers in a delightfully personal and proactive way, on the social media or messaging platform of their preference.

Reduce call costs

Handle customer inquiries through social media and messaging channels, thus greatly reducing call center and operation costs.

Decrease handling time

Resolve customer queries quickly by automatically labelling and rerouting them to the right agent.

How it works

Use the Social Webcare API to connect your social media and messaging accounts to the Tracebuzz platform.

The API aggregates real-time data from your social media and messaging accounts. Data is displayed in a user-friendly dashboard that you can use on all devices, so you can monitor and analyze your customer’s activity easily. You can immediately respond to inquiries and personally engage your customers on a large scale.

Integrate the Social Webcare API with other software like your customer relationship management (CRM) software, PureConnect and chatbots.


360 degrees view

Integrates with your CRM or other software to supply a 360 degrees view of your customer’s needs. Gives insightful reports over all your customer service channels.

Higher customer loyalty

Increases the customer satisfaction and loyalty by upgrading your webcare to a whole new level of quality.

Full coverage of channels

Integrates with all relevant social media and messaging channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp Business Solution and Parley messaging.

What it costs

An custom initial setup fee for the application implementation applies, depending on your configuration and integration needs.

No. of users per month* Price
< 100.000 € 0,35
100.000 - 250.000 € 0,30
250.000 - 550.000 € 0,25
> 550.000 € 0,20


*One unique device counts as one unique user. If device is used more than once, it still counts as a single user. Every month the user count starts from zero again.

Note: A minimum yearly cost of € 12.000 applies.

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