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Get insight into your phone conversations with customers

Instant, accurate transcripts of phone conversations

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Instantly understand your customer better

A good understanding of why people call your company is extremely important. With this insight you can improve your communication, improve customer satisfaction and cut operational costs significantly. With the Speech To Text API you receive accurate transcripts of your phone calls, which you can easily use to pinpoint and analyse common reasons for calls.

This API helps you to...

Automate call labelling

Labelling of phone calls is often inaccurate, inconsistent and too generalized. With an accurate transcript of a phone call you can automatically extract the following elements per conversation: call duration, duration of silence per phone call, discussed topics, keywords, sentiment and distribution of agent-customer speaking time.

Detect phrases for compliancy purposes

Call center agents are often required to manually annotate compliance phrases. Agents may be obliged to ask or mention certain things during a phone call, such as date of birth or Terms and Conditions. Transcripts and text-mining help to automate compliance check-ups, which is more cost-effective and efficient, and less prone to errors.

Monitor quality of customer service

Monitoring your customer service agents is important to ensure high quality. Speech To Text's transcripts eliminate the need for manual monitoring of employee quality through time-consuming random listening. With transcripts it’s easy to filter and extract calls that matter.

How it works

With the Speech To Text API you can transcribe telephone data in English and Dutch accurately and quickly. Although the general models already have a high accuracy, customizing models to fit your industry can help to make transcriptions even more effective. Audio is uploaded per API call and is transcribed in less than 50% of the audio time. Contexta transcripts come with time-stamps, speaker IDs and confidence levels. 


High accuracy

The transcription module is tailored to phone speech to ensure optimal accuracy.


As speech recognition is not a one-size-fits all solution, the API can be customized to better recognize relevant words for your industry.

Speaker diarization

Speakers are identified on both stereo and mono files and the API also gives timestamps and confidence scores.

What it costs

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