Watermelon Chatbot API

Improve customer service with Watermelon's 24/7 chatbot

Code-free and easy to integrate with any platform

Build your own code-free chatbot with just a few clicks and improve your customer satisfaction drastically. Watermelon's chatbot responds to customer questions immediately, 24/7, and automatically switches to a human colleague when necessary. Allow customers to choose the most convenient channel for them to get in touch with you. Offer the chatbot on your website, CRM, and a wide range of social media and messaging channels.

How it works in less than a minute


A chatbot saves your customer service time and allows you to help your customers better. Insert the frequently asked questions into your chatbot. The chatbot analyzes the information. Run test conversations to test your chatbot, so you can see for yourself how well it works!

Available messaging channels: WhatsApp, iMessage, Viber, Skype, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, CXhub.

What our customers say

"It became clear to us that the same questions were being posed quite often. We went looking for a solution to answer these questions more efficiently, to help our prospects and potential employees even better. Watermelon was that solution."
Jortijn Bijl
Senior Marketing Manager - AFAS Software
"I got in touch with several chatbot providers. It soon became clear to me that Watermelon was a good fit. There was a clear culture fit and, just like us, Watermelon wants to keep their processes running smoothly."
Marcel van Loon
Director - Ticketpoint

Why use the Chatbot API

Boost customer satisfaction

Improve the experience of your customer by answering questions via chat immediately in their own language, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Understand customer needs

Look up statistics on your dashboard to gain insight into your customers' needs. Knowing what questions are frequently asked helps you improve your communication.

Manage conversations in 1 place

Manage all your incoming chat messages from different channels in 1 user-friendly dashboard.




€ 50 / month


€ 400 / month


Custom price

No. of users 1 10 Unlimited
Additional users € 50 / month € 80 / month Custom price
Additional chatbot builder users Not available € 40 / month Custom price
No. of conversations 500 / month 2.500 / month Unlimited
No. of CRM contacts 5.000 8 Unlimited
Conversation flows 10 50 Unlimited
Social media integrations 4 8 Unlimited