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The single API that’s all about diversification

Expanding your messaging strategy just got simpler. Nexmo’s Messages API integrates with SMS and popular social chat apps – so you can communicate with your customers on whichever channel they love most. That, paired with rich features and instant results, makes for one engaging, cost-effective chat experience.

This API helps you to...

Offer customer service via SMS

Let customers get in touch with you on the channel that’s most convenient for them.

Alert and notify your user

Use notifications to send timely, well-targeted SMS messages that surprise and delight your users (think booking confirmations and reminders).

Allow users to log in securely

With convenient two-factor authentication via SMS, users can log in without having to memorize passwords or use an extra app.

How it works

Get a more dynamic user experience with powerful features by providing and engaging user experience with images, audio, video, files, geo-location, and events. Timestamps, delivery status, price, and error states ensure provide detailed messaging results, while effortless message rerouting ensures optimum delivery – like GPS for your SMS. With this API you go beyond your current channels without overhauling your messaging infrastructure.


Ensures safe access

Delivers time-limited, unique authorization codes with Passwordless Authentication.

Protects from fraud

Prevents expensive fraudulent transactions using up-to-date phone number intelligence with Fraud Detection and Step-Up Verification.

Eradicates spam

Blocks botnets and bulk account creation via frictionless phone verification for new users with Spam and Botnet Prevention.

What it costs

Pricing on request.

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