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Verify and confirm the identity of your user

Add a second authentication factor without hassle

  • Identity
  • Security
Second factor authentication via SMS, Voice or email

You should be careful to give access into your data realm to anyone. Make sure that only verified persons/identities will get access to your documents and ask them for a second factor authentication in an easy and low cost way! Sending the appropriate API call will send a SMS, voice or email message to the requester. Only after entering the right One Time Password (OTP) access will be granted. The validity of the OTP is limited, so you are certain that a lost OTP does not harm your security.

Easy add-on

A simple API call does the job – no need for equipment and a secure connection makes sure that a higher security level is included.

Low cost

Add a second factor authentication to your log in without any investment and make sure that the right person gets access to your data environment on a pay per use basis.


Whether there are 5 visitors or 5000 per day - no need to worry: KPN will take care of your authentication requirements and ensure that access is granted to the right persons.

How it works

Whenever the (web)application of the requester is logging on, a secure connection is established. The API call is sent encrypted and includes the request for a text message and the mobile number of the person who is requesting access. The text message (a code, usually 6 or up to 10 characters long) is sent to the appropriate mobile device and the person is requested to enter the given OTP. The text message can also be sent as an email, or can be sent as a voice message.

The validity of the OTP is limited so after e.g. 3 minutes a new OTP is required to get access, in case the requester need too much time. Note: this can be customized in line with your requirements.

We can help you secure your authentication in every stem of your development and application maturity. Whether it’s the integration of sending OTP messages to clientless (mobile) devices, soft- and hard tokens fully white-labeled to your organizational or application needs and even integration of biometrical authentication methods. We are more than happy to help you conquer your authentication challenges.



Fixed fee per month € 270 + pay per use

€ 0,10

Getting started

1. Test
After signing up, you can start testing the One Time Password capability. This is available for you to experience the possibilities.

2. Apply
If you like it, apply from your dashboard to take this API into production.

3. Go live!
Now you can start using the API in your own application and add One Time Passwords to your applications!

You can...

Use multiple channels

Send One Time Passwords via SMS, Voice or email, dependant on the users preference.

Add additional authentication

With One Time Passwords you can add an extra layer of security to the authentication of your users. Use it as a second factor authentication.

Customize validity of OTP

Adjust the validity time of the OTP to match it with your users preferences and your requirements.

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