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Secure messaging for your business

The messaging solution for secure communication

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Communicate via the most secure contact channel

Messaging is the most popular channel of today and besides, a very efficient channel for your customer communication. Offer messaging in your own app or website via a highly secured channel. Identify your target audience so that you immediately have a complete profile and you’re able to provide the right answer to a substantive question. The API allows you to show real-time data and the complete conversation history and everything is fully encrypted. The first nonpublic, privately owned messenger available as API.

Encrypted messages

You can send and receive encrypted messages in real-time. You can safely share confidential information via this secure connection with your customers.

Complete conversation history

The complete history of the conversation remains available. Whether the customer sends a message via the app or website and whether he responds right away or an hour later. It’s all in one feed.

Push and pull to all platform

You can push and pull messages and attachment to all platforms. For example, Android iOs and web. You can choose to develop your own custom built application or integrate with a third party solution.

How it works

The API collects real-time data from your website or app. It sends out your messages and checks whether new messages have been received. Generate secure headers with authorization tokens, to identify users and exchange encrypted messages.

The API can push and pull additional information. For example, from which page on the website the conversation is started, who started it and when. The API is also able to send out system messages and events, such as: ‘is typing…’ and ‘client closed the conversation’. Agents can see if a colleague picked up the conversation yet and show the customer with whom from the customer service team he’s having a conversation.

When a customer starts a conversation while he’s not logged in yet and logs in during the conversation, the API is able to link those conversations. All the history of the user’s conversation is bundled. Get a notification when you receive a new message. You can close the conversation at all times and pick it up when you want to. Choose by yourself when a conversation starts and ends. Whether it is a month or per browser session.

What it costs

Number of unique devices* (unit) per month

API usage per request (incl SDKs)

< 100.000

€ 0,35

100.000 < 250.000

€ 0,30

250.000 < 550.000

€ 0,25

> 550.000

€ 0,20

* Unique device counts as one unit per month. If device is used more than once, it still counts as 1 unit.

Getting started

1. Test
After signing up, you can start testing Messaging from Parley. This is available for you to experience the possibilities.

2. Apply
If you like it, apply from your dashboard to take this API into production.

2. Go live!
Now you can start using the API in your own application and reach your customers and employees!

You can...

Pick up the conversation

The conversation continues, whether you close the screen or leave it open all the time. The history of the conversation remains and the user receives a notification as soon as an agent responds.

Send and receive attachments

You can send and receive attachments, such as images or PDF files. Handle everything over one channel, so you don’t have to switch between different platforms.

Adjust or build libraries

With the API you get ready to use libraries to implement in your iOS, Android or web application. But you can also develop your own libraries or adjust the delivered ones. Easy to connect to any interface.

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