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Build voice interactions in your favorite programming language

Low cost and easy to scale up

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Build unique voice interactions

Nothing rivals the immediacy of voice for business and social communication. Apidaze Voice combines telephone numbers in 60 countries with powerful programmable services, so you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate the power of human conversation into your workflows and brand.


Local numbers

Inbound numbers available in 60 countries.

Various programming languages

Utilize a wide range of languages including Ruby, PHP, cURL, Node.js, Python, and jQuery.


Start small and scale big with flexible pricing and a cloud infrastructure.

How it works

Quickly build unique voice interactions and experiences with easy to use communication APIs. These services leverage established wholesale carrier relationships to reduce operating costs as you scale.

Getting started

1. Test
After signing up, you can start testing the voice capability. This is available for you to experience the possibilities.

2. Apply
If you like it, apply from your dashboard to take this API into production.

3. Go live!
Now you can start using the API in your own application and add voice to your communications!

You can...

Record your calls

Receive inbound calls and create IVRs while recording and transcribing in the cloud.

Track campaigns

Create unique numbers that track campaign responses, measure performance, and calculate which marketing initiatives drive your revenue.

Call from any location

Build voice into your company’s mobile app to enable outbound calling for customer service reps in the field.

Try Voice!
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