3 APIs for digital healthcare every developer should know

9 september 2022 | Céline Brault, Community Manager
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Right now, healthcare organizations are swamped with work due to the coronavirus. Together with software developers in the digital healthcare market, we are actively helping these organizations to improve their communication solutions. Do you want to help doctors and patients to communicate remotely, so they can avoid physical contact as much as possible? Or are you looking for ways to inform a big group of patients about new measures? These 3 APIs can take a lot of work off your hands and will help you to build the applications healthcare providers need to continue their important work in a safe way.

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1. Video calling with the WeSeeDo Direct API 

This API enables video calling between healthcare providers and patients. It uses WebRTC technology to establish a secure, one-way, live video connection, allowing doctors to see their patients with their own eyes and quickly assess the seriousness of the situation. This way healthcare providers can avoid physical contact, and save on travel time and costs. It can also reduce the influx of patients to healthcare institutions. 

Integrating the API into an existing work process is done in no-time and no downloads or installations are required on the side of the receiver. 

We are very proud of our new collaboration with Pharmeon. To make integrating the WeSeeDo Direct API easier than ever during the corona outbreak, we worked together to build a ready-made app with the WeSeeDo Direct functionality. This way, developers in the digital healthcare market can just plug and play.

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2. Reduce calls with the Chat and Messaging API

In most healthcare institutions phones are ringing off the hook with questions about the coronavirus. With a chat functionality integrated into their website or app, that workload can be reduced immediately. Although it’s not very common yet in the field of healthcare, chat is a very popular and effective type of communication. Use Parley’s Chat and Messaging API to establish a secure chat connection between healthcare providers and patients. The API fully encrypts all data that is sent, so they don’t have to worry about privacy regulations. Because of the quick back-and-forths, specialists can quickly filter and identify the more serious cases.

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3. Update patients in bulk with the SMS API

Use Vonage's (formerly known as Nexmo) SMS API to easily send bulk text messages to a whole group of patients. It works directly from healthcare applications or patient systems. Text messages are the most effective communication method, with 98% of all text messages being opened by customers. Highly useful, for example, when organizations want to warn their patients about crowds, inform them about the new measures within their institution or call in risk groups for a corona test. 

You can also use the SMS API to request information from patients or to confirm an appointment. It works in 2 directions. To respond, the patient simply needs hit ‘reply’ or click on a link. Easy and fast!

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Curious about the APIs, but want to try them first? Developers can test the APIs in our store for free. Thanks to the use of sample data in our sandbox environment, you can see exactly how the API would function in your own application.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We can discuss the possibilities for specific healthcare challenges and we support you throughout the implementation of the API(s). Leave us your details and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

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