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Identity management platform

Easy and secure access to corporate applications

Grip is KPN’s corporate identity and access management solution. Securely hosted in KPN’s datacenters in the Netherlands.

Grip acts as a central identity hub between your services (applications) and your users or customers. You decide which authentication methods you make available to your users.

A service can integrate with the Grip platform on three levels:

  1. Authentication (single sign-on)

  2. User provisioning

  3. Authorization management (roles and scopes)

The Grip architecture strives for a generic structure to link these services. The coupling points with Grip are based on open standards and allow the services to function as autonomously and independently as possible.

Grip has been designed for the corporate market.

  • High availability

  • 24/7 support

  • ISO 9001, 27001, 23201, and 27017 certified with annual external audits

  • Advanced rights structures which reflect your organization

  • Well documented

  • Integrates with your on-premises Active Directory or Azure AD

This makes the platform capable of supporting organizations of all sizes, from small and medium sized enterprises to large enterprises. How do we know? Because thousands and thousands of organizations use Grip on a daily basis already, including KPN itself.

As KPN's identity and access management solution, Grip acts as a central identity hub between your services & applications and your users or customers. You can choose from multiple authentication methods, such as: Credentials, SMS token, Mail Token, Authentication app, Mobile Connect, Microsoft account, Google account, GitHub account and ADFS integration.

As part of your free account at the KPN Developer Portal, you not only get access to KPN Developer Portal sandbox APIs but also to a sandbox Grip environment. When you want to make full use of all Grip capabilities, you can sign up for a Grip contract. 

How it works

Grip explained

Building a service, portal or application that requires user authentication & authorization?

Use KPN Grip identity & access management for this instead of developing it yourself.

Your solution can integrate with the Grip platform on three levels:
1. Authentication (single sign-on)
2. Identity Management (user provisioning)
3. Authorization management (role and scopes)

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GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Defined in Grip contract


Coverage: The Netherlands
Data center location: Netherlands
Authentication: OpenID Connect, SAML, OAuth2

Grip API usage

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Modern MFA authentication

Pick and mix your own authentication methods, such as app authentication, Google and Microsoft login, or even SMS and email codes.

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Only pay what you use

Pricing scales with the amount of users and connected services. In this way, you will never pay too much.

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Built for the Dutch market

Hosted and built in the Netherlands with all sites and documentation available in Dutch and English.


Free to start. Use and testing on the developer realm is free.

For a corporate implementation, please contact us for a tailor made price.

Need help?

Contact our customer service.

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