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Identify, sell and sign through secure QR‑codes

Secure and convenient customer data collection

The Personal identification Manager (PiM) ID API is a great solution for identification challenges. Each PiM user has a unique personal profile with validated and verified data. With the PiM app, a QR‑code is scanned to initiate an interaction between you and your customer. During this interaction, the API shares the requested data with your company, after approval by the user. You can use the PiM ID API to dynamically create secure PiM QR‑codes to publish on your sites, incorporate in your apps or show on your electronic shelf labels. 

How it works

Determine your attributes: What information do you need from your customers? With the PiM ID API you automatically comply with GDPR legislation. You only receive the data that is actually needed in your services.

Create company-specific QR-codes: The PiM ID API makes it easy to create secure QR‑codes. Your customer scans the company specific QR‑code with the PiM application on his own phone.

Receive data: After your customer approves, the API shares the personal data with your company in real‑time.

Insight into transactions: Your customer has been identified, recognized, has signed, bought something, or access has been granted. PiM registers all interactions and provides you with reports.

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GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Standard via the KPN Developer Portal


Coverage: The Netherlands
Data center location: The Netherlands

PiM ID API usage

icon Correct customer data

100% correct customer data

You always receive customer data that is up to date and 100% correct.

icon Generate on-demand QR-codes

Generate QR‑codes on demand

The PiM ID API allows you to easily generate QR‑codes for every situation, at every moment in time.

icon Protect customers against fraud

Protect customers against fraud

The PiM ID API helps your customers and employees to secure their digital identity. It's fully encrypted, compliant with GDPR legislation and it offers special and tamper‑proof QR‑codes.


One‑off setup fee

€ 49,95

Monthly fee*

€ 39,95

Credits included in monthly fee


Credits per verification scan


Credits per other scan


Additional costs per verification scan

€ 0,125

Additional costs per other scan

€ 0,025


Best effort (solution within 5 working days)


9-5 support (solution within 8 hours)

€ 39,95 per month

 * The monthly free and cost per end-user transaction for the first 3 months of your PiM subscription is € 0,00. All prices are VAT excluded.

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