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KPN / Internet Speed Check

Retrieve maximum internet speeds for any address

Just enter a valid postal code and house number to retrieve the maximum download and upload speed for any address in the Netherlands. Also use this API to retrieve possible carrier types for an address: copper, bonded copper or fiber. Optimize your development time, resources and user experience by connecting to the Internet Speed Check API.

How it works

The Internet Speed Check API connects you to KPN's network information. This gives you access to the technically available maximum bandwidth and carrier types for any address. Please note that the highest internet speeds for an address might only be available through specific providers.

The API needs little input: postal code, house number and, if applicable, house number extension. If the address is not known by the back-end or is somehow incorrect or incomplete, this API will respond with an alert that allows you to review and correct your input.


KPN Internet Speed Check example address

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Internet Speed Check

GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Standard via the KPN Developer Portal


Data center location: The Netherlands


ISO 27001
NEN 7510

This API helps you to...

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Advise your customers

Show your customers the technical capabilities at their home or work address.

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Customize product offerings

Use our network information on internet speed and technology to offer the best matching products available from providers.

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Check if fiber is available

Fiber is rolling out quickly. Use the information to show whether fiber is available at any given address.


Simple input

Retrieve possible internet speeds with just a postal code and a house number.

Maximum bandwidth

Get to know the maximum possible bandwidth at any address in the Netherlands.

Carrier type

Link additional information about the availability of a specific carrier type such as fiber.

What it costs

This API is FREE, based on fair use. 

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