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Generate automated high-level fiber designs

Easy planning and cost optimization

Together with contractors, KPN is rolling out its fiber access network across the Netherlands (called Fiber to the Home or FTTH). KPN's High-Level Design FTTx API generates an automated design for laying a fiber (FTTH) network and other fiber solutions (FTTx) in a specific area. This allows you as a contractor or intermediary to get insight into what is needed to roll out fiber cables in a certain area. The API uses the addresses of an area as input. The result is a detailed calculation of all cables, trenches and ducts that are needed. This way, you can make a ground plan and calculate the costs of laying fiber solutions.

How it works

The High-Level Design FTTx API uses multiple algorithms to create a fiber design. It uses a clustering algorithm to decide which household connects to which active device (the distribution point). Secondly, the API uses routing algorithms to connect the households to the distribution points, splitter cabinets and the POP (Point of Presence). Finally, it calculates the total amount of cables and digging in the area.

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High-Level Design FTTx

GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Standard via the KPN Developer Portal


Coverage: The Netherlands
Data center location: Ireland
Authentication: OAuth 2.0

High-Level Design FTTx API usage

icon Savings

Save yourself time

Make a complete high-level design within minutes, instead of calculating fiber cable lengths and trench positions manually yourself.

icon Book requirements

Comply with network requirements

Always stay up to date with the current network requirements from KPN (PvE: Program of Requirements).

icon Scenario planning

Easily compare scenarios

Run a selected area twice and compare scenarios. Take a residential area in the first API call and add a business area in the second API call. Afterwards, you can analyze the difference in costs and design.


€ 0,95 per high-level design calculation job

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