How can I get technical support?

Please ask any specific questions about how to use our APIs via our contact form. We actively monitor and respond quickly to programming questions regarding the APIs.

How can I leave suggestions for improving an API?

We encourage you to reach out with your ideas and suggestions! Please use our contact form to share your thoughts.

How do I take an API into production?

When you are done testing and ready to take the API into production, please become a verified customer of the KPN API Store. This will allow us to verify your identity with your bank. Once you have become a verified customer, you can simply start using the API of your choice. You will be billed from that moment for using production APIs.

Note: For some APIs you will need to contact you first, so we know what settings you need, and you will be manually onboarding shortly.

How can I start testing APIs?

Refer to the documentation of the API(s) and related Swagger file(s) to find out how to test API endpoints. Use your own custom parameters and see the call and response structure for that endpoint.

To test how the API would work in your own application in our sandbox environment, you need a client ID and a client secret. Log into the My API Store and head over to your Sandbox page to find your personal client ID and secret.