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Enable video calling as a value add-on to phone calls

Personal, easy and secure one-sided WebRTC video calling

Watch and assist your clients directly and safely during phone calls with the WeSeeDo Direct API. The API allows you to see what your caller sees via a live one-sided visual connection built on WebRTC technology. Improve your customer experience, while at the same time saving on travel hours, fuel and labor costs. Implementing the API into your existing business processes is easy, as no time-consuming downloads or tricky installations are necessary. Integrate the API with OAuth 2.0 stand-alone or within your current software packages and applications. Your customer's safety and privacy is always guaranteed.

How it works in 1 minute

With WeSeeDo you can ask your patient if you may see the situation for yourself. Simply enter the patient’s mobile phone number and the patient receives an SMS text message with a link. If the patient clicks the link, a live one-sided visual connection is established instantly and you are able to judge the situation from afar.

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WeSeeDo Direct

GDPR compliance: Yes
SLA: Standard via the KPN Developer Portal


Coverage: Global
Data center location: the Netherlands
Compatibility: Any device
Authentication: OAuth 2.0
Video connection: One-sided


ISO 27001
NEN 7510

What our customers say

Product page WeSeeDo WeSeeDo Direct API Testimonial Huisartsenpost Oosterhout
“WeSeeDo is an efficient, reliable and easy‑to‑use tool for seeing a patient. It allows us to give fitting advice and saves patients a trip to the doctor's office. Just enter a mobile number in order to connect to a patient and observe the patient's injury. WeSeeDo Direct also helps us to reduce patient load so that we can see patients in more critical need.”
Myriam Janssen
General Affairs Manager – General Practice Center Oosterhout

WeSeeDo Direct API usage

Product page WeSeeDo WeSeeDo Direct API Why use icon Help customers better

Help callers better

Improve the experience of customers and employees by offering help directly and effectively.

Product page WeSeeDo WeSeeDo Direct API Why use icon Conduct location survey

Conduct a location survey

The visual connection enables you to easily assess the location or situation on site. This way you can help more efficiently.

Product page WeSeeDo WeSeeDo Direct API Why use icon Communicate securely

Communicate in a secure way

The privacy of your customers is always guaranteed with WeSeeDo, allowing you to communicate securely.




Pay as you go


Monthly commitment


1-year contract

SMS Pro*

One-off connection fee

€ 25

€ 25

€ 25


Monthly fee**

€ 10

€ 27

€ 17

€ 50

Call fee per minute

€ 0,20




Fee per SMS

€ 0,25

€ 0,25

€ 0,25

€ 0,12


* Add license onto the 'Pay as you go' or 'Unlimited' licenses if your usage exceeds 250 SMSes p/mo.

** Get a 10% discount on your monthly fee with a 2-year contract.

If you need 10 connections or more, a customized proposal can be made.

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